Apple’s Pre-emptive Strike Against Free Speech

So you think you control your smartphone? Think again.

Late last week reports uncovered a plan by Apple, manufacturer of the iPhone, to patent technology that can detect when people are using their phone cameras and shut them down.

Apple says this technology was intended to stop people from recording video at live concerts, which should worry the creative commons crowd. But a remote “kill switch” has far more sinister applications in the hands of repressive governments. And it further raises concerns about the power new media companies hold over our right to connect and communicate.





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Transitioning from a mac to a pc

Basically, this blog is about switching from Apple OSX platform to a Windows PC platform. Due to a dearth of information about this transition on the web. I thought I’d record my findings online.

I’ve been a long time user of Apple products. My first computer was an Apple IIC, I’ve owned a Power Computing Mac Clone, several macbooks, macbook pros and a couple G3 and G4 towers. But, contrary to the pop culture trend of switching to Apple, my love affair with Apple has actually been on the rocks. And now that my macbook is entering its last days I’ve decided to cut the cord with Apple and migrate over to the world of PC.

The reasons are plentiful.

• First I don’t agree with a corporation who believes they should be able to dictate what kind of content I can and can’t see on the web. (Which is really just a corporate dispute with Adobe and a way they can force people to buy proper “apps” from their app store.

• I think the quality of their product is over rated. I’ve had numerous problems over the years. But granted, only one of my computers was extremely bad. I had an ill fated macbook that had to be sent back to apple for repairs 4 times in a 2 year period. And lesser problems in my other macbooks and macbok pros. But my current macbook, a command key doesn’t work, caps lock barely works, it gets extremely hot and the fan is very loud (loud enough that I think it’s damaging my hearing and the trackpad is completely gone. I have to use a mouse/tablet full time) and the plastic case has been splintering and cracking for awhile.

• There’s evidence that Apple’s workers in China are practically paid slave wages and there is a history of suicides by factory workers. Sure, most computers are probably built by people paid unfair wages. What gets me about Apple though is the phony sense of consciousness, worldliness  and community that is portrayed in their advertising.

So maybe I’ll delve more into this and other reasons in the future, but that said. I’m done with Apple and this blog will be as best a repository as I can make for people interested in the reverse transition and help others understand the differences between the two platforms and what’s to be expected when switching over.

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